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Custom Training Needs

"Not on My Watch"
School/University Firearms and Security Training Program

-We will configure a course that will best fit your needs and budget. Please contact us to coordinate and discuss your specific training needs.

These courses are available for individuals, families, teachers, corporate team building, and students just to name a few.

Private Training:
1 student - $750/day.
2 students - $1000/day.

If you have a specific course that is not listed, please contact us.

Strategic Solutions and Specialized Training

-"Not on My Watch" (NOMW) School Security and Safety
-Helicopter operations
-Low light/night firing
-Helicopter Aerial Rifle Marksmanship (HARM)
-Home and Business Security Assessment
-Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
-Night Vision Goggle/Device operations
-Basic Shotgun
-Long range shooting
-Preparing for the hunt
-Leadership development and team building
-Hand to Hand
-Airsoft Training
-Emergency Response planning
-High risk movie stunts –Helo Hog Hunts

Huey Hawg Hunt


High Risk Movie Stunts, Planning and Execution