Texas Firearms Training Texas Firearms Training Texas Firearms Training

Carbine Training

Basic - Develop fundamentals for new shooters:

4 Hours, 250 rounds, $100.00
- Parts of the carbine, operation, cleaning, storage, ammo
- Fundamentals, zero, ballistics, and mindset
- Equipment, choosing the right gear
- Loading, unloading, and clearing weapon
- Target engagement
- Positions

Advanced - Experienced shooters:

8 Hours, 450 rounds carbine/100 - pistol, $200.00
- Fundamentals, mindset, survivability
- Speed and accuracy, zero
- Controlled pairs, multiple threats, movement, firing from cover
- Reloads and malfunctions
- Personal, home, and vehicle protection
- OODA Loop
- Engagements: 3 yards to 200 yards
- Positions, multiple shots, right and left hand firing
- Transition to pistol

All courses support Airsoft operations

4 rules of safe weapons handling will be covered in all courses



Texas Firearms Training

Requirements for all courses:
Serviceable weapon and magazines
Eye protection - clear/tinted
Hearing protection
Note book, pencil/pen
Appropriate clothing for current weather conditions, cap
Holster - belt/conceal carry
Gun lubrication
Water, snacks
This course is only for U.S. citizens that can legally possess a firearm.