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Shield 91 is proudly owned and operated by a retired U.S. Army Special Operations veteran. We utilize a broad base of trainers, military veterans and seasoned law enforcement officers that are subject matter experts in their specific area. Our team has multiple combat tours, endured countless battles and conflicts, and what we teach was mastered on the battlefield and streets. We are a highly trained and motivated crew ready to train and equip your team to deal with any need that may arise.

My training, procedures, and techniques were developed while serving in the U.S. Army, participating in multiple combat tours and competitive shooting sports. My philosophy - coach, mentor, train. I have attended multiple training courses over the past 25 years conducted by the best instructors and shooters in the world.

Our focus is providing the Armed Citizen the best training possible and prepare you with a mindset that will ensure success and safety.

We provide firearms training, leadership development, executive team building, emergency response operations, security assessments, tactical planning, and helicopter operations.

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Texas Firearms Training