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Shield 91

Texas Firearms Training

Our mission is to provide our customers with a combat focused, common sense approach that will enhance your tactical survival and firearms skills. Shield 91 was created to better train and equip our citizens, military, and law enforcement officers. We are proud to be a Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned company.

Founded by a 20 year United States Army veteran who has an extensive background in firearms and tactics training, emergency response and security planning, helicopter and ground operations. Through training with our experienced crew, you will be confident with your skills and better suited to handle any situation. We are committed to providing support to our nation, United States military personnel, law enforcement officers and our trusted allies.

“Not On My Watch”

This program is designed specifically for University and school district personnel to ensure safety and security of their students and faculty.  We will train your key personnel in the use of weapons, safe firearms handling, threat assessment, and techniques to ensure survivability during an emergency.  We will analyze your current emergency operations plan and provide recommendations, if required. We will teach you a decision making process that will ensure safety for you and our children: secure in place, escape, or fight.



Texas Firearms Training